Great Contact Lens Success

Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lens fittings are performed by the doctor. Measurements of the surface of your eyes, tear production and visual requirements are all factors in successful contact lens wear.

A variety of lenses and wearing schedules are available and we will guide you toward a program designed just for you. Tinted, disposable, astigmatic, multifocal, and multifocal astigmatic soft contact lenses are available to provide the most visual comfort to meet your lifestyle needs.

Dr. Lantman has developed a reputation for fitting difficult contact lens prescriptions such as those for astigmatism, those which require a multifocal or bifocal, and those select few who require both a lens for astigmatism AND the near power of a multifocal. In fact, over 42% of Dr. Lantmanís contact lens patients are fit in these types of lenses.

Your progress will be closely monitored to ensure that the lenses fit properly and are providing the safety and comfort you deserve. These services include training to ensure that you know how to use and care for your new lenses.

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