Eyewear for Your Lifestyle

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Life leads you into a variety of situations and demands on your vision.

Special thinner and lighter lenses keep your eyeglasses comfortable. Combined with state-of-the-art anti-reflection treatments, your lenses will look and perform great.

If you use a computer in your job or spare time, special lenses and coatings for computer use can enhance your experience and reduce eye strain and fatigue.

If safety is a concern for sports or on the job, special impact resistant lenses and frames will help keep you safe and seeing your best.

If golf is your game, weekend hackers and pros alike choose Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses with grey-green tint to improve their game. Polarized sunglasses, Nike frames, and special multifocal lenses designed for play will all help you score your best and have fun doing it.

If you prefer the fast and sometimes rough team sports such as soccer, football, or baseball, then Nike Maxsight amber-tinted lenses will keep your eye on the ball. Special prescription and non-prescription lenses and goggles will keep your vision safe, too.

If you are a swimmer or SCUBA diver, special goggles, masks and inserts keep you seeing your best in the water. If you prefer activities above the waves, Polarized lenses keep you seeing your best in sunny conditions.

There is really no end to the possibilities of enjoying good vision while enjoying your life. So visit us soon and see if we can help design a vision plan just for you.

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